About Us

We are an auto wrecking company which focus on purchasing and recycling the scrap metal. We help people to de-own their unwanted cars and keep the environment junk free by recycling the metals so that the resources are reused.

If you are buying a new car and want to recycle your old car, please contact us.


• We are a Canadian company which focus on buying and recycling the scrap metal from cars and other types of automotive including cars, vans, SUVs and all kind of trucks.
• We have decades of experience in scrap industry
• We provide professional and excellent services in auto industry.
• We are committed to provide best cash offers to scrap cars
• We can help with any accident damaged cars or all kinds of vehicles

Maximize your cashback by visiting us with your old / scrap car if possible. We offer

• Earn one of the best rates for your vehicle
• Make sure you have the registration, title docs
• No hidden charges or cuts
• Vehicle value calculated on the condition and docs of it.
• It is okay if you do not have the title, we can try helping you.
• You can sell your vehicle in simple and easy steps

Fast and Easy transactions

• We pay top dollars for your car
• You are assured to get quick cash
• We offer free pickup / towing of your vehicle
• We buy all kinds of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, scrap metal
• We are exclusively concerned about customer satisfaction
• We aim to make our customers happy